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Online Trumpet Courses with Gerard Presencer (online or in person)

Trumpet M.A.P.- A Modern Approach to trumpet Playing

” A Modern Approach to Playing the Trumpet” by Gerard Presencer is just what is sorely needed in the Trumpet/Jazz Pedagogy world. This is a book which combines modern studies for traditional trumpet technique, with the added bonus of explaining the studies via the route of a jazz conception with regards to articulation, forward motion and swing. This makes this book unique in every way, and should be required study for every trumpet player who wants to compete in the complex world of today’s music. Bravo Gerard! 

– Randy Brecker

Click here to purchase “A Modern Approach to Trumpet Playing”

Improvisation Lessons


How do you practice Improvisation?

With Gerard, you can learn how to develop and practice improvising. It is not a theory lesson(unless you want one), or a transcription method (unless you want one), this method is to develop what you do.

Over a long career,Gerard has played many different styles of improvised music (check him out on some of these links)….

Soloing on a ballad for game:

Soloing on funky Bluenote track:

Soloing on choir and big band piece by contemporary composer:

Soloing with Big Band:

Soloing on duo with pop mega super star(!):

Soloing in New York Jazz Quintet:

You may already be improvising and asking questions like…How do I improve? (you should be asking that question anyway!). The answer is not always obvious, and that is where Gerard can help you.

Level of ability is not important (we all need lessons always), but what is important is a commitment to a process – where Gerard will work with your talents and give you ways of improving what you already play to become a more creative and focused soloist.

Gerard says….
“When we improvise in a group, we have to play clearly, so that the other musicians know where we are, so they can support
and interact with our solo. To do this we need to develop some important skills at home. “

Use this time to get ready for when your band starts playing again, so that your solos will connect with musicians and make you a more creative and interactive improviser.

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