Gerard Presencer | Groove Travels
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Groove Travels is Gerard’s first solo album for Big Band and has received widespread acclaim from the media. If you would like to play this music with your band, the charts are now available from Gerard directly at

If you are interested in creating a performance project with your big band with Gerard directing and soloing please contact Matt Fripp Booking & Management   –

“Presencer, whose playing blasted from every radio in the land in 1993 (remember the Us3 hit ‘Cantaloop’?) delivers the most intensely vital album of his career”THE ARTS DESK (UK)


“…as composer and arranger as well as hot-shot soloist for this superb-sounding recording of five originals and three standards, Presencer really gives the world-famous Danish Radio Big Band something to get its teeth into, making it swoon as well as swing….the final ballad, “I Can’t Stop Loving You”, is a true work of art.” – THE INDEPENDENT ON SUNDAY (UK)


“…Presencer, who has reched middle-age with his adventurous spirit still intact, shows…that he remains as instrumentalist of astonishing accomplishment. It suggests that he has finally found a context for himself where his playing assumes the kind of profundity and expressiveness he has failed to find on his previous albums” – JAZZWISE (UK)


“…sublime version of I Can’t Stop Loving You…the trumpet sure soars!” – JAZZ LINEUP (UK)


“Trumpeter Gerard Presencer has a way of always giving sophisticated jazz writing a really hip, rhythmic push. His music always travels and it always grooves, so the title of this album is spot on. It’s a pity we don’t get new releases from his pen and his trumpet/flugelhorn more often – 14 years is a long time between albums by anyone’s standards – but, hey, let’s not be moaning, let’s just celebrate this fine new release…A lovely album that is both detailed enough to deliver new surprises over the months and years while also being easy on the ear.” – THE JAZZ BREAKFAST (UK)


“Whilst this is Gerard Presencer’s first big band album, his imaginative compositions and taught arrangements make this an intensely satisfying and successful project, aided considerably by one of the world’s finest large jazz ensembles.” – ALL ABOUT JAZZ (UK)


“What makes it work is the writing and playing. Presencer is well aware he has got a great band at his disposal.” – BEBOP SPOKEN HERE (UK)


“Oh my goodness me, what a player!…What about that, what about that! Wow!” – JAZZ WORLD WITH LINLEY HAMILTON BBC RADIO ULSTER (UK & NI)


“British trumpet star blows new life into the Danish Radio Big Band…It is remarkable that Presencer manages to gather many genres and impressions into a compositional whole” – POLITIKEN (DK)


“If you like groovy big band jazz with the trumpet’s softer older brother, the flugelhorn in the lead role? Then the DR Big Band’s newest album is nothing less than perfect…There is precision and elegance in Presencer’s tone – is reminiscent of Art Farmer’s – and that’s a huge plus in my book. The material is a mixture of Presencer’s compositions and classics like Lennon / McCartney’s Eleanor Rigby, Wayne Shorter’s Footprints and Billy Nicholls’ I Can’t Stop Loving You. Groove Travels is a recommended album for big band people out there. I know who you are.” – JAZZNYT (NLD)


“Excellent big band offering at the beginning of the year! I like it …” – JAZZPORT (PL)


“Here comes the hippest thing to happen to my playlist…” – ELEVTR (USA)